Carol Neiman Molineaux Olney was named by the Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club Foundation as first South Carolina and then National Teacher of the Year for 2004! Her school received $36,000 and she got her picture in many newspapers, magazines, and even a billboard! She appeared in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The New York Times, Parade, and even People magazine. Carol has received congratulations and accolades from all over the country.

Carol and her husband Rick have two grandsons in California and Kurt has two girls. Jade is now 3 and Maya is three months. The following infromation is from their 2004 Christmas letter:

"Rick (aka: Mr. Carol) is still chief cook, bottle washer, appointment secretary, bookkeeper, and masseur in addition to all his school responsibilities. He is grade level chair and lead science teacher for his new state-of-art school. This is his second year as a second grade teacher and will train another student teacher this spring.

"Both of us work for NASA in the summer as book reviewers and special education consultants. Last summer we flew to Seattle to participate in a weeklong conference with NASA scientists and other educators at the University of Washington. While we were there, we had a great visit with Dennis (#1 son) and Randy. We also toured the Mount St. Helens area.

"In April we are planning on joining an archeological dig that will likely rewrite history. The artifacts uncovered so far near Charleston and Savanna have been carbon dated back 50,000 years so they are pre-Clovis which means the “land bridge” theory will be proven wrong.

"After school is out, we go to Kentucky to the USAG Gymnastics Compulsory workshop. Then we fly to Seattle to visit Dennis and Randy and the four of us will fly to Phoenix to see Rick’s mom. Then we are back to the east coast to visit with granddaughters, Carol’s mom, sister, and Aunt before going to Alabama to work for NASA to help plan the next symposium at the Huntsville Space Camp. But then it’s one last stop in Indianapolis for Carol to test and renew her National rating. Back to school finally to rest.

"As you can tell we love to travel, being with family, and working for education; but mostly we love being with each other."